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Azur services Tours is an inbound tour company based in Madagascar. We have been hosting tourists for more than three decades and we get used to offer the best experience of the island. Our booking team is very keen to offer a wide variety of tailormade trip suggestions, and the experts field guides are among the most knowledgeable to provide you accurate information. Our goal is to surpass your expectations, to share the best of the Lemur Island.


  • Airport transfer 

  • Tour guiding

  • Nature discovery

  • Birdwatching 

  • Marine safari

  • Cruises tours

Madagascar is truly “the treasure island”, the paradise for naturalists. The uniqueness of its fauna and flora amazed all nature lovers as they are found nowhere else in the world, its biodiversity has evolved in isolation for more than 80 million years. Every type of vegetation holds a fascinating wildlife which has differences from rainforest to dry deciduous forest, from grassland to spiny forest. 16 % of the world primates are in Madagascar, this is because of the high endemism of its astonishing wildlife.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Madagascar destination offers a wide range of diversity while exploring its outstanding natural beauty.

Your expectations could be based on :

  • Wildlife photography

  • Nature discovery

  • Birdwatching tours

  • Marine diversity

For any suggestions or requests, please tell us!


The north part of Madagascar has numerous highlights. You could have the opportunity to combine the best of Diego Suarez, the rainforest of Amber Mountain, the red Tsingy, the karst formation of Ankarana, Nosy Be with the white sand beaches and its marine diversity in the turquoise water.


The trip in the south is full of diversity, not only in terms of fauna and flora, but also the people and their cultures as you will meet at least 5 tribes along the trip. Ranomafana National Park is one of the pristine rainforests of the island, the lunar landscape of Isalo and Zombitse Vohibasia which is the paradise for bird lovers. The southern tour ends up in the south western seaside.


Andasibe and the Eastern part are the best places to encounter the Malagasy wildlife, including the largest living lemur called “Indri”. That rainforest is home to the biggest chameleon as well, and it abounds a wide variety of orchids. It is the nearest National Park from the capital city, that makes it the most visited place in the island.


The western part of the island offers a combination of breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife. The sunset along the baobab avenue is something that you should put on your bucket list, with the dry deciduous forest of Kirindy where to find more lemurs, birds and the famous fosa. Above everything, the Great Tsingy of Bemaraha is one of the musts to do as the stunning rock formation is home to a unique biodiversity.

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