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Enjoying the comfort, a modern trimaran, deviate from the crowds and join us for the cruise, a life. Our trips follow the coast and you will discover the best scenery in the northwest of Madagascar. Explore the islands, enjoy the local culture full of life, or simply enjoy the attention of our professional crew.


Day trips

Discover the small island of Nosy Tanikely . This marine park, must for your stay in Nosy be you can admire a Flora and fauna under exceptional marine. Down, large coconut beach, then , after a short walk you will visit the small museum and the Lighthouse top Island, with magnificent views of the bay.


Cruise 3 to 15 Days

The Sesame Cruise team think it's great and does everything possible to give you the best ideas for your next collective escape the sun !
This year, Remember the traditional holiday rental and embark all aboard the trimaran Sesame !
It will accommodate comfortably up 6 passengers 3 cabins.

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